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School Subject: Design?! Branding in the Metaverse Dirt Design IMC Service Concept
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Branding in the Metaverse

Subject Thesis (2nd paper)
Field Brand Concepts
Context KISD 2007
Period 1,5 Month
Team -

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In today's competitive world, brands are always on the prowl for even a split-second of consumer attention. Brand management in digital space emerged to be more than web design or banner advertisement. To successfully stage a brand in digital media environments, it is important to build a lasting relationship with the customer.
With the rise of the virtual world Second Life, more and more of renowned brands entered the realm of virtual worlds, advertising their products and services virtually while targeting a sales increase in the real world - a new branding platform was born. It was announced that, as a result of their visual, interactive, and immersive character, virtual worlds offer an ideal place for the communication of brand images, prototype testing or sales of goods and services, creating a brand experience without temporal and regional restrictions, seamlessly interacting with consumers.
The question, raised in this paper is whether virtual worlds are really the seminal branding platforms they are taken for. Stating the virtual world Second Life as a lively example, this paper points out how digital worlds can be used for branding, how well-known brands use it already and if and why they succeed - or not.