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School Subject: Design?! Branding in the Metaverse Dirt Design IMC Service Concept
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Dirt Design

Subject Thesis (3rd paper)
Field Design Research
Context KISD 2007
Period 1,5 Month
Team -

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Dirt seems to be trivial, and in most cases it probably is. But sometimes, to break into completely new findings, also the most trivial things in life are worthwhile to be precisely surveyed. Therefore, dirt was chosen to be the protagonist of this survey, to be analyzed in its different qualities, especially related to the field of design.
How to define dirt and where does it come from? What connotations does dirt have and why does the society dislike it so much? Is real dirt used in design already? The answers to all these questions direct to the main question of this paper: Could, or even should, real dirt be used as an design element?
A definition of what is meant with dirt in the context of the survey is given, followed by a reflection of what dirt means out of several differing points of view. Comprising sociological, psychological and historical aspects, it was analyzed which attributes of dirt cause its elimination, how this affects today's society and where to find the roots of nowadays attitude towards dirt. Contrary to the demand of cleanliness shown there, the next part takes care of dirt as a design element. Several areas where dirt is used as means of expression and design are introduced, all involving dirt in the design process in different manners.
The findings lead to a new theory about dirt and its qualification as a design element, reflecting how dirt is communicated and used in design and in which way today's social imprint towards dirt allows successful design with real dirt.