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School Subject: Design?! Branding in the Metaverse Dirt Design IMC Service Concept
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IMC Service Concept

Subject Intermediate Examination (main paper)
Field Design Management
Context KISD 2004
Period 2 Month
Team -

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This paper is a service design concept for the Swiss company International Media Communications (IMC). The service should include provision, design and management of websites for companies of peripheral countries, facilitating the establishment of an internet presence that would otherwise be hampered by cultural or technical obstacles.
The concept provides a description of the objective and idea as well as a target group analysis, strategic thoughts regarding distribution channels, organisational structure and marketing activities, an explanation of the technical component, content management systems, and an intensive examination of intercultural design.
To demonstrate the findings of the intercultural design research, a practical part shows a hypothetical screen design developed for an African company, adopting an intercultural design approach.