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School Subject: Design?! Branding in the Metaverse Dirt Design IMC Service Concept
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School Subject: Design?!

Subject Thesis (main paper)
Field Design Theory
Context KISD 2007
Period 3 Month
Team nnknfrm

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Based on the assumption that a design education in terms of an independent school subject will enrich the educational opportunities and notably improve the learning process of students, "School Subject: Design?!" is about the possibilities and advantages of establishing a school subject design in the German school system.
The paper points out difficulties, discusses potential solutions and upcoming challenges. An exemplary overview about the currently existing kinds of education with and about design in the German school system introduces the thesis and is followed by a comparison to the handling of design education abroad, focused on the example of the British school system. The subsequent legitimation and conception is about the competencies students will gain and the question how design could be appropriately taught and studied. The theoretical development of the subject was supported by a practical test part, a design project in a high school, that allowed more conclusions to be drawn about potentials and risks.
This paper is the main thesis of my final examinations at KISD in the field of design theory, approved by Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff, and was a teamwork together with Jan Krause.