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Promoting emerging Economies

Subject Investment Guide Series
Discipline Communication Design
Client International Media Communications
Period 2 Years
Team nnknfrm
My Tasks Consulting
Project Management
Brand Identity
Corporate Design
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
Desktop Publishing

Corporate Guides is an annual business, trade and investment guide series, first published at the World Bank Forum 2005 in Singapore. Each Corporate Guide gives a comprehensive review of the economic and political environment as well as investment opportunities of one selected country, started with Corporate Nigeria in 2005 and continued with adding the Corporate Tanzania and Corporate Kenia guides in the following year.
Developing the corporate and editorial design of the guide series, we faced a multinational and multicultural target group of businesspeople, politicians, journalists and NGOs. The main challenge was to generate a distinct design that is able to stand out against the competition and still carry the appropriate values like accuracy and independence. This could be achieved with a clean and low-key design, regarding intercultural design issues. A distinct color approach and a variable logo design make it easy to tell different nations issues apart without loosing the coherent look of a series.
We produced the first three issues as well as all collateral communication materials, like sales and marketing brochures, business cards and stationery, exhibition booth and the corporate websites in 2005 and 2006. Afterwards we handed over the entire project to the in-house production of International Media Communications successfully.