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Eating the Rainforest

Subject Food Installation
Discipline Experience Design
Critical Design
Context KISD 2006
Period 2 Weeks
Team 5 People
My Tasks Conception

Within Dutch designer Mieke Gerritzen's Biggest Visual Power Show, a prelude to the design exhibition Entry 2006 at Zeche Zollverein in Essen, students of KISD served a speakers dinner, playfully adjusted to the "Next Nature" theme of the show. Tables in shape of the world's continents provided the installation base and were set up according to their location: drought and kangaroo meat for Australia, fast food for North America and so on.
With the continent South America, we displayed a metaphorical, but still edible, criticism about the ongoing ecocide, using the destruction of the South American rainforest as an example.
The installation made the process of destruction tangible. A rainforest made of lettuce leaves jammed into chopsticks, disappearing step by step through its consumption. Dressing came as acid rain from pump-spray bottles, merging the two into a tasty salad. Under the lettuce canopy, cattle made of cheese and pork sausage was to be found and in the end nothing but the poison-green base and some chopsticks were left.
Remember: the things we eat will end up eating us.