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Gendered Perspective

Subject Book
Discipline Experience Design
Gender & Design
Context KISD 2006
Period 2 Weeks
Team 3 People
My Tasks Research/ Analysis
Graphic Design

The project started with a research ramble through Cologne, spotting signs, symbols, icons or wordings in public space that could lead to gender associations, whether subtle or banal. Unlike the objective, to locate statues and sculptures with designs clearly relating to a distinctive gender, we figured out that a lot of the statues' genders were some kind of equivocal or could be easily reinterpreted.
To illustrate this findings, we produced a slightly ironical book that demonstrates "gender reassignments" of the statues in a playful manner. Using the titel "Gendered Perspective" the book plays with the gender bias or prejudice of the observer. It introduces a change of perspective and thus opens up to new concepts of gender recognition that include more variants than only male and female. Therefore, the audience is enabled to rethink their preconceived opinion of gender and makes accessible what usually goes by unnoticed.