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A Logo Design Competition

Subject Corporate Signature
Discipline Communication Design
Client OPEC Fund for International Development
Period 2 Weeks
Team nnknfrm
My Tasks Conception
Intercultural Research

OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) is a non- governmental financial aid organization based in Vienna. It was founded and is funded by the OPEC in order to give back some of the oil revenue to those in need, funding aid projects in development countries all over the world.
In 2006, the OPEC Fund chose to find a new corporate signature by announcement of a logo design competition. The new signature should communicate the aims and work of the OFID, the essence of which is "to bring better life to all the people of the developing world".
As the new logo was intended to differ more from the OPEC logo than the former one did, we decided on a main element providing the ability to "talk" to people who cannot read but certainly understand an iconic representation.
The upper, drop-like golden-yellow shape symbolizes the wealth of petroleum that offers the basis of the OPEC Fund activities, just as the overall shape which also resembles a drop. The green and blue shapes represent food and water as well as a general symbol for life and therefore the most important basic needs. Emerging as a negative pattern between the three coloured shapes of the logo, a cheerful figure is raising upwards in a thankful gesture.
The intention of giving both, the positive and negative visualization of the logo, an interpretable meaning was to make the logo more distinctive and give it a higher recognition value without having it appear as just another multinational-corporation type of identity. Our entry was not chosen, but we still think of it as a strong design.