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Joining good Taste with ecological Responsibility

Subject Yoghurt Brand
Discipline Brand Development
Context KISD 2005
Period 2 Month
Team 3 People
My Tasks Research/ Analysis
Project Management
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Management
Marketing Conception

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The challenge was to develop a competitive yoghurt brand and act out all steps in order to bring the product onto the market, including market research, corporate signature and packaging design, brand strategy, brand management, communication and marketing conception, an exemplary play through of the formal brand registration and an prospect of the distribution channels and organisational structure. Researches in the Trade Mark register and about legal restrictions were carried out with support of a lawyer.
According to a market research our team decided to draw up a concept for the market niche "regional yoghurt", meaning a yoghurt product that is not produced by big dairy companies, but by organic farms in a regional environment. To avoid long distances of transportation, the product should be marketed regional as well, while the brand should be managed on a national level by an association or cooperative society.
The product itself should be a mild plain yogurt produced by organic standards, free of additives and preservatives. Fruit mixtures or other tasty ingredients would be produced separately and added as the customer likes to. Form and material of the packaging should be economically and ecologically responsible - a tubular bag made of potato or corn starch.
The brand was build by criteria like reliable, premium quality, natural and honest and should communicate a friendly and qualitative image. For this reason, the brand mark resembles in its design a cachet. All in all an economically and ecologically responsible product to enjoy.