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A Skateboard made of Composite Materials

Subject Skateboard
Discipline Industrial Design
Context KISD 2005
Period 2 Month
Team -
My Tasks Research on Composite Technology

Task was to build a skateboard, using aerospace technology, namely CAD/CAM and vacuum-laminated sandwich composite technology, assisted by Alexander Luxat, founder of wefunkSkateboards.
Combining the foam core with one layer of 4mm ash veneer for puncture-resistance of the top layer, glass- and carbon-fibre textiles and a layer of walnut veneer for decorative purpose makes a significantly, about 50% lighter and stiffer board than a comparable dimensioned wooden board.
This involved building a CNC-milled vacuum mold from medium density fibreboard, sealed with resin and polished, composite calculation, designing the board's size and shape, CNC-milling the core from 8mm AIREX PU foam and finally, the actual layup and vacuum lamination process. The laminated blanks were demolded, their shape cut out using the CAD-template with the CNC mill again, finished and coated with glossy polyurethane varnish. The skateboards were exhibited at the industrial design and -engineering fair EUROMOLD 2005 in Frankfurt/Main.